What Is Roadside Assistance?

What Is Roadside Assistance?

Roadside assistance is basically a service that helps motorists, bicyclists or pedestrians whose vehicles suffer a serious mechanical malfunction that leaves the driver stranded on the side of the road. The purpose of roadside assistance is to help drivers get to safety. It is not intended to substitute for car insurance and cannot be used by motorists who have a clean driving record. Roadside assistance comes in many forms. A person can call an ambulance or a tow truck to come and remove a wrecked vehicle, and they can call a security company to alert them to a break-in that may endanger someone or their property. A roadside assistance service might also provide emergency medical treatment for the driver’s injuries if the vehicle breaks down in a remote area. If you would like to learn more about this, please check out Roadside Assistance San Francisco.

Drivers can determine what is included in their policies regarding roadside assistance. Most insurance policies include roadside assistance, as long as the policy provides coverage for a specified amount of money, whether it is for bodily injury or property damage. Drivers who have other insurance policies might need to check with their insurance carriers before calling for roadside assistance. Drivers with personal injury protection and collision insurance policies can obtain roadside assistance services if their policies do not include roadside assistance. In addition, many drivers can get roadside assistance for free by calling the company’s toll-free number and explaining their situation, such as what type of assistance they need.

In general most people do not consider roadside assistance when they are shopping for auto insurance. However, if a person has broken down and cannot drive or walk on their own, the person could face some very serious consequences if they did not call for roadside assistance immediately. When a driver is stranded in the middle of nowhere, they can be injured by being struck by another motorist, which could result in having their vehicle towed or damaged.

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