Understanding Botox Treatments

Understanding Botox Treatments

Botox treatment has become almost a common word, and is often mocked in newspapers, on television and on the Internet. Many people associate the Botox word to the look young. Some people have the connotation that this is limited only to the affluent and the famous. Most of society have probably just learned that Botox procedures are producing super fast results. Others might believe that Botox procedures involve taking some miracle youth injection that turns your face for the rest of your life into a younger you. The words “Botox treatment” can, in fact, be considered synonymous with “younger face.” So what is the hidden secret involved in Botox injections and how does this chemical wonder really do its job? Are there many unreported threats and issues resulting from this?click here Botox near meĀ 

Okay, first of all, we need to try to understand the answers to all those Botox treatment issues.

How are Botox procedures working?

Allow me to ask a question before continuing. Why do you have facial wrinkles? Knowing that will give you a firm foundation (no pun intended) before you can begin to understand the effects of botox.

There are about 52 muscles in your neck, not including any specific distinctions about things like back and bottom, longitudinal and transversal, and major and minor. All of these muscles appear to overlap which makes it difficult to classify each individually.

Such muscles are expanding and contracting constantly, over and over during any given day. This process is repeated day in and day out all over your life. As a consequence, inevitably a point of time comes when wrinkles on the surface of your skin will begin to form. If that constant muscle movement could be prevented, no wrinkles would ever form. Yet, that would never again mean smiling or laughing! Good luck, huh?

How to get the outcome?

Okay, you need to remember as a second point of background information that we all have two types of muscles in our bodies-voluntary and involuntary. Of course the volunteer type we transfer whenever we want. As you guess, we have no power over the other group of muscles and we push or contract when they feel the need. Botox therapy or Botox injections ensures that these facial muscles are NOT forced or retrained to contract. How do you do that?

Within your body you have certain chemical compounds that bring electrical impulses to your brain and order the facial muscle to contract. If it stops these neuronal signals from entering the brain then facial muscles will not contract. That sounds very straightforward, right? Within the neural pathways, you just put up a stop sign and order the impulses to halt. Essentially, the stop sign is Botox. Botox is the drug produced in order to prevent neuronal signals from entering the brain. The wrinkle formation inevitably stops and the current wrinkles can gradually also disappear.

This cessation of electrical impulses is of course not something that we would like to float around our entire bodies. All muscle movements will cease, and you’d be immobilized. This is the very reason Botox treatments are only available via injection form. This is also the very reason it is necessary to take botox under strict medical supervision. Botox procedures are certainly beneficial to those wanting a more youthful look. And now I think you’ll be a little more prepared to decide whether Botox is for you or not.