Tips From A Licensed Plumber

Tips From A Licensed Plumber

  1. Fridge Ice Maker Line

The claim for water damage insurance number 2 involves a broken plastic water line which supplies water to your refrigerator. If your frig uses this type of line, consider replacing it every 3 years or replacing it with a 1/8 “copper water line to permanently solve the problem. Make sure that the valve to which this line is connected is functional and that you know where it is in case of leakage.Have a look at Licensed Plumber near me more info on this.

  1. Main Valve Shut off Water

This valve is considered by most plumbers to be the single most important valve in your home or property. If a pipe bust, water flowing uncontrollably or another plumbing disaster occurs, this valve will save the day and prevent further damage to property. Have your plumber locate this valve, tag it and test it to ensure it works properly.

  1. Wash-water machine hoses

The claim for water damage number 1 is related to a burst or bust water hoses that connect your washing machine to your home potable water supply. If your hoses are of the type of black rubber, replace them every 3 years. Save the aggravation and have your plumber replace them with a type of braided stainless steel. The extra bucks are worth it.

  1. Toilet Chemicals Cleaner

Branded “2,000 flushes” or other in-tank cleaners contain harmful chemicals that will eat and destroy components inside your toilet tank. In fact, Kohler toilets have a sticker inside all of their toilets that advise against using in-tank cleaners and that evidence or use of them will void your warranty.

  1. Baby flushable wipes

This topic simply takes the cake and is my favourite marketing misconception. There’s nothing flushable about baby wipes. Even if the package says, “flush one at a time,” they still have the potential to cause havoc on your waste system. Do not, under any circumstances, flush baby wipes the toilet down. They don’t break down.

  1. Water restraint equipment

Do you remember years ago that when you took a shower it felt so much better? I do. Years ago the government decided that we were wasting too much water and ordered plumbing manufacturers to place water restricting devices in their fixtures. I laugh and giggle when a customer asks me why the pressure on the shower is so weak.

  1. Talk about wasting water …

If you need to jiggle the level of the toilet tank or handle, you will be wasting water. Replace the flapper for a few bucks and save mega bucks. Make sure the correct flapper is installed or you will continue to waste water.

  1. Pipes are not for drying clothes

Suspended overhead pipes in your basement are not designed or supported to hang your drying clothes. Save yourself from a plumbing disaster, use the clothing rack dryer to dry out your clothes.

  1. Prices and tariffs

It’s not often happening in my business, but I get asked sometimes: “Why are your prices so high? “The answer is simple. I’m a licenced and experienced professional. I arrive on schedule, respecting your time. I’m clean and courteous. I have more training and qualifications than a physician and often spend hundreds of hours a year on continuing education. I ‘m prepared for every job with the right tools and materials to get the job done in one trip.

  1. Outside Hose Faucets

Lastly, as we approach the end of the summer, please remember the outside hose faucets. The hoses need to be disconnected and stored for the winter. If the faucet has an inside shut-off valve, turn it off and open the faucet outside. If not, make sure that the valve is firmly off and that no water is dripping.