The 3 Different Faces of Commercial Photo Printers

The 3 Different Faces of Commercial Photo Printers

Today, there are various styles of printers on the market and these printers are used for a broad variety of purposes. Commercial picture printers are typically used for lucrative printing operations, such as commercial output, studio printing of customer’s personal images, and printers for industrial materials and goods. Commercial picture printers have three distinct names, and are used by numerous businesses and lucrative printing operations. view publisher site about us.

Dye Sublimation Printers in Studio

Dye sublimation printers are best used for studio printing. These printers use dye panels which use heat transfer to imprint photos on media. The sublimation cycle allows for fast and effective heat conversion from solid to gas. The printouts provided by these devices are of excellent quality which is why they are primarily used for picture printing.

These printers can print different media sizes from as small as the wallet sizes to as big as 8″ x 12″.’ Besides their versatility in media scale, most of these printers are really quick too. The fastest they can print for a borderless 4″ x 6′” photo is up to 5 seconds. That makes them very suitable for use in photo printing companies.

Large Size Photo Printers

Display ads in the shape of flags, tarpaulins, flyers, signs, and other related broad pictures and photographs that are displayed for public attention are promotional and promotion devices for commercial usage. Did you ever wonder which printers are used to print those ads? All these high-quality print advertisements are the responsibility of large format photo printers.

Broad format picture printers are inkjet printers that are designed to create larger size printouts. These printers’ most common widths range from 11′, 13′, 24′, 44″, to 64″. Such printers are designed for the extremely high quality printing of images and drawings, and they are usually very costly.

Flatbed Tin Printers

Flatbed inkjet printers are complexer than the first two types of printers. This is since they are not designed to print on paper alone-but on molded solids such as bottles, furniture and other consumer items they may be used to print on. Flatbed inkjet printers are used by industries for printing on their products. This are really necessary because businesses like to put their logos on the goods they are making, so what easier way to do so than to imprint their brand on each and every product they produce?

They are very big because they are industrial printers, so they have many moving pieces. These make them flexible and versatile enough to cover the needs of companies, industries and businesses for all product printing requirements. The use of flatbed inkjet printers has made it much easier for many industries to produce high quality prints on their various manufactured products including irregularly shaped and three-dimensional items.


These various commercial photo printers will help you identify which device your business or industry really needs. However, these are very significant investments so you need to be sure when making a purchase to ensure full use of your money.