Scaffolding Edinburgh Details

Scaffolding Edinburgh Details

Owing to the massive upgrading to so much of the current infrastructure in and around cities and the construction of new buildings, scaffolding construction facilities are a requirement. The best way of finding a reliable and secure scaffolding system to use is to employ a licenced scaffolding contractor. Interested readers can find more information about them at Scaffolding Edinburgh.

There is some planning that should be carried out by the scaffolding contractor hired for the job and by the individual hiring the contractor before a scaffolding structure is erected.

Next, a level surface that is stable has to be the place where the scaffolding is to be erected, and if it is not, the contractor would need to stabilise it to ensure that it is sufficient to support the scaffolds.

The protection of bystanders is extremely important and reasonable steps need to be taken if the scaffolding is to be erected in a public location. For example, during quiet hours, during which fewer people are likely to be in proximity to the structure or roads can be closed by council consent, the work can be scheduled to begin. As this can be extremely dangerous and result in accidents, scaffolding should never be erected near power lines.

Where scaffolding is supposed to be used on a freeway or highway, the contractor is expected to have a licence and is responsible for applying for and obtaining such a licence. The person contracting the contractor, however, is responsible for obtaining the local council’s planning permission to erect any temporary structure and potential permanent structures for which the scaffolding may be used.

Scaffolding erecting workers should be adequately trained in the relevant scaffolding building methods and working with temporary structures.

The scaffolding should be tested before use, and again once it is assembled. It is also advisable to inspect the scaffolding for weaknesses or damage to the structure and materials at regular intervals. This is particularly important after an addition or alteration to the scaffolding has been made. Equally significant, after very dry weather, floods, strong winds and other factors that may affect the protection of the scaffolding system, scaffolding should be tested.

Workmen do not store materials on the scaffolding boards when scaffolding systems are in operation. Anything left on the boards could cause someone on the scaffolding to trip and fall or cause someone on the ground to be injured.