Plumbing Tools Everyone Should Have

Plumbing Tools Everyone Should Have

You may not run into plumbing problems very much, but they can be a real hassle when you do. Fortunately, you can probably repair most of them pretty easily. All it takes is a little experience and a few basic tools, and soon you will be on your way to making your own plumbing repairs and avoiding the potentially high costs of hiring a skilled plumber. For more info Absolute Services-Plumbing Repairs.

Plunger-The plunger is arguably the most common plumbing device that most people have. Plungers may be used to help unclog all kinds of drains, including but not limited to toilets with which most people can associate them, by using the application of force and vacuum. Bear in mind that plungers will come in a variety of styles and sizes, so that you know what kind of plumbing types to buy. The general concept is what all plungers have in common: a rubber cup attached to what is normally a wooden shaft that acts as a handle. In general, sink plungers look like a ball that has just been cut in half, whereas toilet plungers are rather mushroom-shaped.

Pipe Wrench-While maybe not as widely owned, when most people think of “plumbing,” the pipe wrench is the classic plumbing instrument that comes to mind. Widely considered a must-have for any plumber, thanks to its adjustable nature, pipe wrenches allow gripping around objects of a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They are typically used on pipes, whether they are secured or removed, as the name suggests.

Pliers-While common pliers can be used in some cases for plumbing repairs and can even be used interchangeably with wrenches, plumbing pliers are typically highly flexible and have an unusual clamp shape. Such a feature makes, naturally, stronger grip on rounded artefacts such as piping.

Drain Snake-Perhaps the least recognised plumbing tool and perhaps also the most intimidating, drain snakes are fairly easy to use and can be very useful without enlisting professional support in solving what might seem to be major plumbing problems. Thanks to its rigid and versatile nature with an auger at the end, when plungers can’t get the job done, drain snakes can clear tougher clogs. They can be moved and navigated to otherwise hard-to-reach locations by piping with relative ease. Drain snakes can be effective in a number of cases, ranging from toilets to bath tub drains, including plungers. Although on this list they seem to be the most costly method, they can arguably also prove to be the best investment.

Teflon Tape-Teflon tape, also called thread seal tape or plumber tape, is used to secure leakage of pipes. When joining pipes together, they are usually added to the threading of the pipe to provide an efficient sealing surface. Think of it as the plumbing world’s duct tape.

As you can see, you can save on future expenditures and headaches that might come with hiring a plumber by investing in only a few resources and learning how to use them. With a little practise, you can easily and quickly fix several common household plumbing mishaps on your own.