Image Line Painting – Insights

Image Line Painting – Insights

If you plan to provide a customer with painting services it is best to enter into a proper written agreement with them. If you have a contract, all parties should know where they are and recognize their responsibilities.You may want to check out Image Line Painting for more.

So how do you put together a contract for your painting business? Well, a good first step is to look at the contracts which are used by other painters or general contractors. Good templates and examples can be found online. These will give you some ideas on what kind of clauses you ‘d like to include. However, note that every company is different and you will always need to consider adding clauses specific to your particular circumstance. Finally, you should have an attorney look at your contract or arrangement to make sure it’s laid out correctly and you’ve left nothing out.

A good contract should be looking to both parties’ interests. You should make sure you include clauses which reassure prospective customers. A contract stacked too much in your favor could scare customers off.

Below are some suggestions for terms of agreement which contractors may consider integrating into their company’s painting contracts.

Clear descriptions of the contract

A contract’s basic provision is a clause which sets out the parties that enter into the agreement. Names and date should be specified and lines prepared for signing their names should be drawn up for both parties.

Standards and Details for company

Set out some clear information about your painting company to convince customers that they are dealing with professionals. Let them think you’re certified, if that is your state’s requirement. Assure them that all the work will be done in a manner that complies with the painters’ building codes and regulations in your city.

Covered insurance

Give specifics of the liability insurance policy you are carrying in the event that they incur losses as a result of your work on your house.

Times of project

Set a timeline of the dates and times for the painting work. Let them know when you’re going to start, what days and times you’re going to be at the house, and the date you’re going to end up with.

Description of painting Job

Defines which property you will be working on by specifying its address and other information as appropriate. Describe the painting work you will be doing and the quality levels you will be working on using as much detail as you can. Include details regarding all surfaces to be painted, the type of paint to be used and the number of coats to be applied. After a work, it’s normal for painters to do a complete cleanup and dispose of any hazardous material in the right way.