How to Unclog Garbage Disposal

How to Unclog Garbage Disposal

Food or debris thrown into it are some of the reasons why a garbage disposal gets blocked, which stops and prevents the fly wheel from going and doing its job. The device that spins and grinds the food inside the disposal is the fly wheel. Here are some tips about how waste disposal can be unclogged. EZ Kansas City Junk Removal – Kansas City Junk Removal Company┬áis an excellent resource for this.

1) You have to make sure you have all the supplies and equipment required to do the work before everything else. You need a hex wrench, a torch and a handle for a broom, or a wooden spoon.

2) Before you begin working on it, you need to turn off the disposal control. This is for both comfort and security purposes.

3) Sometimes the issue is that the garbage disposal blades are blocked or something. So, take a close look at it through the sink drain using a flashlight to see if there is an object or things covering the blades. Using a pair of pliers, a tong or some suitable tool to get hold of the item and then remove it to unclog waste disposal if there is still such an object there.

4) A hex-head wrench typically comes with a trash disposal device. However, a hex-head wrench that fits into the hole at the bottom will suffice in situations where you can’t seem to locate it. You must now insert the hex-head wrench into the hole and turn it back into the hole.

And so forth. Keep doing this to manually shift and turn the flywheel so that it can free itself from any obstructions.

5) Now, take a wooden broom handle or a wooden spoon or fork handle and insert it into the drain sink again for disposal. Use it to manually turn the flywheel before you think and feel that it will travel as freely as possible.

6) If your efforts succeeded to fix the problem, get the broom or spoon handle off the disposal, then turn the power on to try it out.

Turning the power on and off is one way to assess whether or not a waste disposal is blocked. If it’s clogged, a buzzing sound can easily be detected, but it doesn’t work and the blades don’t switch. Even if the power is switched on, if you do not hear a humming sound, then the problem is more than just clogging.

Mind that it usually has a reset button, too. At the bottom of the disposal, it can be found and it’s generally a red button. Before making any other maintenance or unclogging operations, always try first to reset your garbage disposals.

And never put your bare hands in any garbage disposal facility. The blades are sharp inside, and they can still quickly cut through your hands even though the electricity is turned off and the blades are immobile.