Fire Doors Creating Life Saving Opportunities

Fire Doors Creating Life Saving Opportunities

Fire has meant life to mankind itself. Yet nature is a lover of fickle stuff. One minute giving the next take off ruthlessly in abundance. Fire for heat and energy in the food-we know all the positive.

Unfortunately fire can be devastatingly dangerous as people have come to find out about their great cost. We also saw photos of bushfires that spread through vast continents as well as the smallest islands.Kindly visit Sinisi Solutions-Critical Infrastructure Protection to find more information.

In Southern Africa locating an Anthill is a perfect survival strategy when trapped in a bushfire. Climb up to the top of the termite mound and watch the flames die at the structure’s foundation. At the foot of the sand hill, the fire approaches the ant hill / termite mound and dies out. The only problem is that the ants are getting ever so slightly aggravated by the heat that surrounds their home and tends to come out to check what’s going on. Now, when they’re regular bees, most people can cope right when the little blighters tend to nipple a bit.

Imagine if what comes out of the anthill is soldier ants or is referred to as ‘Matabeelee ants’ in parts of Southern Africa. These ants are an inch long and have pincers which cut directly to the bone. I might actually imagine doing a dash through the flames to stop those bad guys!

Fire barriers are commonplace and increasing numbers of buildings have fire doors installed. Fire doors are increasingly becoming standard issue in new building properties whether they be commercial or residential structures. Traditionally, wooden fire doors were treated particularly where the response was. The thickness of the door is what makes it so safe as the fire barrier between you and the raging inferno in the other room increases every inch of thickness.

However, creating wood and carbon footprint wooden fire doors with the environment as hot a topic as fire itself is really point of contention. So a real advance is the development of double glazed PVCu fire doors. Fire doors are lighter than wood with their chemical composition and fire retardant glass, easier to install and have less of an impact on the environment.

There are a whole host of styles and finishes all readily available, from brilliant white to metal and ironically wood finishes. K glass provides a superb glass with a fire bridge. Installed in fire-retardant PVCu fire doors, K glass not only restricts heat conduction from one area to another, but also creates a fire gap that can buy precious time for people trying to escape from a burning house.