Enjoy These Great Restaurant Experiences In Chicago IL

Are you ready for this round of Chicago restaurants? I mentioned that I need to find a good Chicago style pizza place, so that’s what I’m going to bring to you first. Let’s take a look at that pick and three more popular places to grab a bite to eat in The Windy City of Chicago, Illinois.

Looking at the listings, it was a little difficult to pick the best one. There is actually a prominent chain that is well-known in Chicago called Lou Malnati’s. There are a deli and pizzeria that looked nice as well, plus a few other stops, including one that serves it up by the slice. Ultimately, I settled on a nice place that is located along the Magnificent Mile called Gino’s East Magnificent Mile. Its address is 162 East Superior Street, and the pictures of the pizza look amazing.

Gino’s East is definitely a place to get Chicago style pizza, but you might also want to check out Lou Manalti’s, Pequods Pizza, Piece, Bongiorno’s Italian Deli and Pizzeria and more. And to make sure I have you covered, the #1 place to order up pizza in Chicago is a restaurant called Spacca Napoli. It is located at 1769 West Sunnyside Avenue, and I think I would have to go with the reviews and check that place out first if I wanted Chicago style pizza.

So Spacca Napoli and Gino’s East are the first two picks for this piece. Now let’s look past pizza and talk about another great restaurant to visit in Chicago called Batter and Berries. Batter and Berries is located at 2748 North Lincoln Avenue, and it is known as a great spot for breakfast or brunch. Order up menu items like chicken and waffles, cheesy hashbrowns, french toast, steak, shrimp breakfast sandwiches and more. Sweet potato waffles are one popular item on the menu.

The Chicago Diner is also a popular place to check out while you’re in The Windy City. Located at 2333 North Milwaukee Avenue, The Chicago Diner is known for its black bean burgers, cauliflower soup, taco salads and more. The caramel crunch torte is one of the great desserts on the menu.

How is that for a round of wonderful restaurants to visit in Chicago? You know where to get delicious Chicago style pizza, and those other two places to eat are quite lovely as well. You’re going to be finding some great restaurant experiences in Chicago IL.