Choose Perfect Wedding Rings

Choose Perfect Wedding Rings

You may be interested in how this tradition came about and the real significance of wedding bands when you decide on may wedding rings you and your spouse desire to carry as a sign of your undying love for one another.Learn more by visiting Britton Diamonds-Wedding Rings

The ring is a circle of course, and a circle symbolises life, approval, unity, creation, and the cosmos. The rings were connected to the Sun and the Moon in ancient times. A ring was believed to shield and to be a protective guard, so to say, through its durability, to fend off any negativity. It was deemed that rings were mystical and/or holy. Gods and goddesses also carried rings with storeys of the rings of Shamash and Marduk, as in the Babylonian myths. Magic, the zodiac, and many more, have all been connected with rings. Still now, it is thought the wedding ring retains some form of influence that can be felt as a priest or minister blesses the wedding bands before the pair exchanges them. This activity symbolises the forces of security for their marriage or union.

Now you could question why a wedding band on the “ring finger” is worn Well, this goes back to ancient days and sorcery once again. You will wonder at some of the values when you look through the origins of the wedding ring and the purpose it is put on the third eye. Here are a few historical details regarding the ‘ring finger.’ The third finger was used in ancient times to administer medicinal treatments to the body, so the cure’s potency will be greater. A nerve from the third finger was often assumed to travel right to the heart. In astrology, this assumption is identical, because of the idea about the special nerve or vein that was in the third finger attached to the heart and was a sign of affection and loyalty, the “key finger” is called the heart finger … Wherever you look in history the third finger has always used a sign of devotion, friendship, trustworthiness, and fidelity.

With that said, you know how significant the wedding ring has been throughout history is not just a ring, it has been used as a pledge and couple marriage. So now is the time for you to pick your eternal wedding rings that will not only symbolise your passion and commitment to each other, but will also stand up to time and endure forever, as your affection for each other.

As you start searching online and discover several beautiful wedding bands at your favourite jewellers and others are likely to be out of your price range. Setting a budget is the number one thing to do. Regardless about how much you can manage to invest, you’ll find the right selection about wedding rings that will display your devotion.

Second, you’re going to have to consider what kind of material you want to make your rings with. Wedding rings are crafted from products including yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver, diamond, titanium, etc.

Yellow gold is also one of the most common products for wedding bands and engagement rings, and can be found in 10 K, 14 K, or 18K.

White gold is getting a little more common because it appears to be more sleek and trendy in style.

Platinum is one of the strongest metals used to make wedding rings and engagement rings. Now many people prefer this brand because of its longevity and the idea that it can survive time like their marriage. Platinum is far more pure than steel, and is typically about 75% steel, and platinum rings are generally around 95% platinum. Such rings appear to be a little more costly, but you are more than likely to hope that the ring can last forever, so a ring that is so sturdy is well worth the expense.

First is titanium, of course. Titanium is a modern metal of some kind. It is very durable , lightweight and not very pricey. These are the longest lasting wedding rings on the market and are very common among men due to their stylish design and resistant strength. Yeah, you can scratch the ring, but ultimately, they’re going to be able to handle more wear and tear than most other product.