Chicago IL Restaurants – Where Are The Best Places To Go?

What foods are you in the mood for as you prepare to dine out in Chicago? There are so many wonderful restaurants in Chi-Town, and I’ve lined up four of the best. We’ve taken a good look at dining establishments in The Windy City, but there are so many of them. The following are four more great picks to consider when you’re looking for a meal in Chicago, Illinois.

Shanghai Terrace is a wonderful place to visit, and its location is 108 East Superior Street. If you’re up for some delicious Chinese food, then this could be your place. It’s one of the best Chinese restaurants in Chicago, if not the best. Order up Peking duck, Shanghai noodles, potstickers, lobster, sea bass, dim sum and much more. People say that the space right outside the restaurant is also very beautiful.

Shaw’s Crab House is located at 21 East Hubbard Street, and it intrigues me because I’m craving crab. This establishment is known for fresh seafood, and the raspberry pie also makes the dessert menu. There is also a dessert sampler available, and surf and turf make the menu highlights as well. That means you can order up a steak along with those crab legs.

Cherry Circle Room has a unique name, and it grabbed my attention. The location is 12 South Michigan Avenue, and it’s a great place to order up carrot cake, hamburgers, focaccia and more. Duck and french onion soup are also on the menu, and you can see that this restaurant has quite a lot to offer. People call it a hidden gem, and it’s a great spot for brunch.

RL has a nice picture of a dessert it offers, and that grabbed my attention. The dessert is some kind of mint chocolate chip pie. The address for RL is 115 East Chicago Avenue, and there are all kinds of favorite menu items mentioned. For example, there is a club sandwich, lobster bisque and burgers. The place also has a nice bread basket according to reviews.

Those four Chicago restaurants are sure to be delightful, don’t you think? If you make your way to any of them, I’m thinking you’re really going to enjoy a nice meal. Dine out in The Windy City, and see what all you and your family get into as far as making your way around to all of the popular attractions.