California Health News – Medical Breakthroughs

California Health News – Medical Breakthroughs

Medical scientists have worked so hard over the years to shed light on the most puzzling spheres of health and medicine. For the benefit of humanity these individuals spend most of their time conducting research. When you regularly read health coverage, you ‘d understand how vigilant certain people are. Here are some of the medical and health research breakthroughs that have a huge impact on our lives.Interested readers can find more information about them at California Health News .

Depleting HIV

The detection of the HIV’s Achilles Heel is one of the most thought about breakthroughs today. American and European scientists have found a means of disarming the virus and stopping it from causing havoc within the immune system. The method involves removing the virus from the cholesterol, a process that extinguishes the protection. Without this cholesterol, the infection lacks its arsenal and becomes vulnerable to disruption of the human immune system. HIV is well recognized for suppressing the immune system’s adaptive response. Since the human immunodeficiency virus was found, scientists have been seeking a way to fight it. None so far has been so successful. In the past the vaccinations were ineffective. Yet things may have changed now that we have discovered a new approach to kill the virus.

Aspirin to Combat Cancer

It was discovered that taking small amounts of aspirin everyday would reduce the risk of stroke and heart failure. We do learn that already. Recent studies however show that it can also reduce cancer risk. Studies in UK were conducted to monitor subjects taking about 75-300 mg of aspirin a day. Those taking aspirin had decreased cancer risk by approximately 25 percent after three years. After 5 years, cancer risk was reduced to 37%

Studies show that normal aspirin consumption decreases cancer risk by avoiding metastasis. Nonetheless, aspirin consumption is another problem. Doctors warn that daily aspirin consumption will cause bleeding in the stomach. In fact, people who take aspirin regularly run the risk of hemorrhagic strokes, unfortunately.

Placebos as Drugs

Placebos are “empty” agents used to determine the true effects of the drugs in research. This time they are used as treatment agents on their own. Placebos’ power comes from implication-not the placebos themselves. Studies show, for example, that when individuals are advised that they are having regular exercise, they continue to lose more weight than others that are not told the same. There are already numerous studies which measure placebo’s ability to treat disorders. Placebos do not produce active ingredients designed to target the disease. They work by changing the response the individual has to their disease.

Exercise to root out wrinkles

People are already aware of the benefits of exercise. Articles on the wellness channels have written too much about fitness. Today, anyone can say exercise relieves stress , improves cardiovascular health, increases immunity, etc. What we may have failed to remember is the possibility of exercising to prevent ageing. Scientists who studies laboratory mice subject to exercise program made this assumption. Such mice had stronger bodies, lungs, kidneys, and brains than those not doing exercise. A fur was shinier and smoother too.